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We're Back and so is our choir!

We are back in person AND online this Sunday! Join us at 8:30 & 1015!

Guidelines for those not eligible for a vaccination

All the current safety protocols we have been living with are still the best practice.

  • Wear a mask; double masks are best! Once socially distanced, masks may be removed to receive communion and at lunch.
  • Maintain at least six feet of social distance from each other.
  • No physical contact.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands regularly.

Guidelines for those who are post two weeks from your final vaccination

  • Wear a mask. Masks may be removed to receive communion.
  • Optionally maintain social distancing.
  • Optionally refrain from physical contact. Please check out with each other if hugs/physical contact are OK.
  • Optionally use hand sanitizer or wash regularly.

Worship Notes

  • We will distribute communion in one kind, bread only. The chalice will be present, and you may reverence the chalice and wine, but please do not touch.
  • We will not be passing the offering plates. The plate will be on the baptismal font, where offerings may be placed anytime during the service.
  • We will pass the peace by bowing to each other rather than with hugs and handshakes.
  • Please feel free to sit where you feel comfortable, and please take one the of steel chairs from the side of the church and sit outside if you prefer. The three doors will be fully open and there is a speaker for sound out there.
  • We invite congregational singing with Ray and the choir. 
  • If you are worshipping online and would like a Eucharistic visitor to bring you communion, please contact the office.

Worship Resources

Evening Prayer

The button below links to the Evening Prayer bulletin.

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Join us IN PERSON at 8:30 & 1015 or on Zoom!
Please contact the office for log-on credentials.

The Second Sunday of Advent

8:30 & 10:15 Holy Eucharist

KidsWord & Little KidsWord

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Godly Play Stories

St. Patrick
Stacks Image 3160
St. Julian of Norich
Stacks Image 3158
St. Teresa of Avila
Stacks Image 3156
St. Mother Teresa
Stacks Image 3154
St. Catherine of Siena
Stacks Image 3152
St. Nicholas
Stacks Image 3150
St. Valentine
Stacks Image 3148
St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Stacks Image 3146
St. Augustine
Stacks Image 3140
The Falling Apart
Stacks Image 3138
Stacks Image 3136
Abraham & Sarah
Stacks Image 3134
Stacks Image 3132
Stacks Image 3130
Stacks Image 3128
Stacks Image 3126
Stacks Image 3124
Stacks Image 3120
Stacks Image 3118
Stacks Image 3116
7 Days of Creation
Stacks Image 3114
Holy Cross Walkers
Stacks Image 3112
Stacks Image 3110
The Exodus
Stacks Image 3108
10 Best Ways
Stacks Image 3106
The Temple
Stacks Image 3104
Ark & Tent
Stacks Image 3102
Exile and Return
Stacks Image 3100
First Sunday of Advent
Stacks Image 3098
Second Sunday of Advent
Stacks Image 3096
Third Sunday of Advent
Stacks Image 3094
Forth Sunday of Advent
Stacks Image 3092
The Holy Family
Stacks Image 3086
Stacks Image 3088
Stacks Image 3090
Great Parable
Stacks Image 3084
Great Parable Part 1
Stacks Image 3080
Great Parable Part 2
Stacks Image 3078
Great Parable Part 3
Stacks Image 3082
Stacks Image 3076
Faces of Easter1
Stacks Image 3074
Faces of Easter2
Stacks Image 3072
Faces of Easter3
Stacks Image 3070
Faces of Easter4
Stacks Image 3068
Faces of Easter5&6
Stacks Image 3064
Faces of EasterDay
Stacks Image 3062
Stacks Image 3060
Stacks Image 3058
Stacks Image 3056
Stacks Image 3054
Stacks Image 3052
Stacks Image 3048
Stacks Image 3167
Jesus and the 12
Stacks Image 3175
Stacks Image 3184
Stacks Image 3188
World Communion
Stacks Image 3194
The Holy Family
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